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Scale Spokes News – NEW SPOKE WHEELS:

Great news for this month.   Scale Spokes has just released new wheels in 1/32 and 1/48 scales for the Nieuport Ni 28. These are extra special because, just like the actual aircraft’s wheels, these have three sets of spokes. One set each from the inner and outer edges of the hub and also one […]

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Restock for Fokker E.III spoke wheels 1/32

Great news! The Fokker E.III wheels in 1/32 scale are back in stock. These sets are special and include six tires: 2 flattened resin tires, 2 black rubber tires and 2 white rubber tires. Photo-etched detail parts are also in the package. No charge for the added items.  Happy Modeling from Scalespokes team….

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Coming soon for Fokker D.VII fans……..

Our latest spoke wheels for the beautiful Fokker D.VI & D.VII will be arriving within the next 2 weeks. They will come in all three scales. Each set will include two wheels, two sets of tires, one in black rubber and the other in white rubber.  Separate accessory sets with flattened resin tires and photo-etched pieces will […]

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Demand For Spoke Wheels Increasing!

UMM-USA has had a tremendous response to these spoked wheels and inventory is rapidly decreasing. Please remember, these beautiful pieces are hand-made and, as you can imagine, take time to produce. Unfortunately, if an item is out of stock, we cannot take back orders. However, we make every effort to work with the manufacturer to […]

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Second Batch of New Wheels Has Arrived!

The second batch of wheels has arrived and have been added to our inventory. They include wheels for the SPAD XIII in 1/72 and 1/32 scales and the Fokker E.III in 1/48 and 1/32 scales. Some of these sets now include flattened resin tires and photo-etched parts in addition to the standard rubber tires.

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Tip for installing resin tires

Scale Spokes offers special accessory packs with resin tires and photo-etched parts. The difference with the resin tire is that it is flattened. After removing the rubber tire from the rim and cleaning up the resin tire, test fit it to the rim. Additional sanding may be necessary. Once you are satisfied with the fit, […]

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Tip for fitting rubber tires

Due to the scale size of these wheels, in rare cases, the rubber tire may be slightly larger than the rim. To get a perfect fit, here’s what you do: after you roll the tire off the rim, make a cut through the tire with a new blade in your hobby knife – you now […]

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Useful tip on changing rubber tires on the wheels

Each package comes with two different color rubber tires, one of which will already be on the rim. These wheels are fragile and changing the tires can cause damage to the hub and spokes if you are not careful. By holding only the edge of the rim, you can easily remove the tire, but installing […]

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ScaleSpokes tires options

Each set, offers two different color tires: one white and one black. They are actual rubber tires which can fade in sunlight. The sun can discolor the tires and even cause them to crack. Be careful and monitor their progress if you use this aggressive technique to give an aged look to the tires. As […]

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Wheel coating

Scale Spokes wheels are made from aluminium and the spokes from copper, so it will be very easy to change their colors. You have several options: display them as is; apply a chemical coating (Birchwood Casey, many color options) to age or discolor the wheel and spokes; or you can simply paint them any color […]

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