ScaleSpokes tires options

Each set, offers two different color tires: one white and one black. They are actual rubber tires which can fade in sunlight. The sun can discolor the tires and even cause them to crack. Be careful and monitor their progress if you use this aggressive technique to give an aged look to the tires. As another aging method, you can simply paint them to achieve a weathered and worn look.

Another option for the tires comes in our “Accessory” packages. Here, we have flattened resin tires which can be painted any color to fit you model (black, light gray, dark gray, white, pink, etc.).

Also included in the accessory package are decals for the tire manufacturer’s name which will definitely add to the realism of the tire. Finally, some photos indicate an aircraft may have had different color tires on each landing gear. Choosing this effect adds artistic interest to your finished model.

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