How to make a “canvas” cover for the wheel

In this tip post, you will learn how to make a canvas-like cover for your kit’s wheels. So, let’s get to it.

  1. Take the rubber tire off the wheel.
  2. Measure wheel’s diameter and transfer these measurements to a thin piece of paper napkin. Make it slightly larger than the wheel diameter.
  3. Cut the napkin disc with scissors or a punch and don’t forget a small hole in the middle for the hub ( see UMM for plier punch, very handy for punching the perfect hole).
  4. Now, gently lay the paper disc over one side of the original wheel and tack in place with super glue (10-15 thickness, slow dry).
  5. Check alignment and make corrections as the glue dries. After it’s dry, use white glue and paint over the paper wheel cover slowly in straight lines along the spoke wires. To use this technique, it is necessary to have the paper touch the wheel perfectly. The paper will mimic the pattern of the spokes and look very realistic.
  6. When dry, cut and clean the paper as necessary for a good fit and slide the tire over the outer rim.

You can do both sides or only one. Any “wash” technique will further enhance the beauty of the spoke pattern on the paper cover. We know there are not many pictures, but some airplanes and even car had wheels without canvas covers or the canvas was only on one side of the wheel. You can also leave the wheel open. It’s up to you to create your own piece of artwork.

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