Mini Spoke Wheels 1/144 Scale

Special Order at UMM-USA

Product Description

Future plans include  1/144  wheels by special order.

Estimated Retail Price: $32.95 – $42.95  ( delivery time 4 to 8 weeks)

We hope you enjoy  SCALE SPOKES wheels.

Scale Spokes offers hand-made, spoke wheels for the 1/144 scale.  All these miniature works of art feature resin or aluminum or resin hubs, aluminum rims, copper wire spokes, and rubber tires. Each set includes two spoke wheels with two different sets of tires: either two black and two white tires. These beautiful wheels are finished products by themselves, but you can still bring them even closer to reality with further artistic techniques such as chemical treatments and paint. Hope you enjoy these products and that you will share your experiences with us on our new ScaleSpokes forum.

Note with the Tip:

These wheels are fragile and changing the tires can cause damage to the hub and spokes if you are not careful. If you need to change the tires, please visit the TIPS section for advice on this procedure.